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The Galiano Trio provides music for all occasions. A classical wind trio with a twist. Founded in 1986 we have been providing music and entertainment in the Greater Vancouver Region for more than 30 years! After taking a few years off from the local music scene to work on other projects, we are Back!! 

Bach to the Future! Get ready for Christmas 2021! We have the ultimate selection for the season with many dozens of well-known popular and classical seasonal favorites! 


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Turning your special event into a happening!

For Weddings

We can make your day special with customized repertoire and requests!

For Special Events

Live Music will make your event memorable and more impactful!

For Everyone

We have a variety of classial and popular music in our vast repertoire !

Our trio


What is a Wind Trio ?

We are a “classical wind trio” but what does that mean?   A traditional wind trio is made up of any three members of the orchestral woodwind section (typically flute or oboe plus clarinet and bassoon), covering the gamut of frequencies high – mid – low.  Instead of flute or oboe, the Galiano Trio features a relatively new instrument, known by the acronym “EWI” (pronounced “Eee-wee”), which stands for “Electronic Wind Instrument.”  The EWI is a member of a modern family of instruments known as MIDI Wind Controllers*, synthesizers using the computer-based Musical Instrument Digital Interface that was first developed for use with the now-ubiquitous keyboard synthesizer, but based on the analog of breath rather than percussion to control a sound’s ASDR (Attack, Sustain, Decay, and Release).  Synthesizers synthesize sound.  Just try to say that fast over and over again!  So rather than being limited to the three timbres of the typical wind trio, the Galiano Trio features thousands of tonal possibilities, using patches that emulate real-world woodwind, brass. string, keyboard, and percussion instruments, plus typical “synth” sounds from the 80s to the present, allowing greater flexibility of roles and expression for all three musicians, and a much greater variety of sound experience for the listener.  Please check out our musical examples to hear just some of what the Galiano Trio can do for your event!

* not to be confused with MIDI Breath Controllers, which use a mouthpiece attached to a keyboard synthesizer to add expressive capability.

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The “EWI”

Electronic Wind Instrument